Louise Wynn - OnThisMountain

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Louise Wynn - OnThisMountain

A Poetry and Images collection, Second Floor Gallery,        Camas Public Library, November 2014

On This Mountain

When the pain broke me but I kept on,
When keeping on crushed me but I climbed on,
When climbing on burned my lungs but I breathed on:

Then the light seeped through the cracks of my blindness
And changed what I thought I knew.

Only on this burning mountain could I see ---
And say --- what I saw without even trying,
Which changed everything around me --- even me,
And the empty spaces,
And the seeping light,
And that smallest thing I™d seen and said.

Only looking down from this burning mountain
Could I see, and say: Peace really is like a river
And love is the answer to something
And my theory of everything is correct.
And that theory is this:
Tears may hurt or not but they always dry up.
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