The  Wynn  Family

The name “Wynn” is only 5 generations old.

Before that it was “Wynne”, and together they are only 12 generations old (with Jeff), deriving from the Welsh word Gwynne, meaning ‘white’ or ‘fair’. This was the new surname taken by the sons of Meredith of Jevan, of Conwy, North Wales. The ancestry has been traced back to Cynan (Conan), Prince of Wales (25 generations from Jeff); Duncan I, King of Scotland (33 generations from Jeff), killed on 14 August 1040 by Macbeth ; and Charlemagne (40 generations from Jeff), crowned Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire (it was of course none of these) in St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, in 800 AD by Pope Leo III. This coronation is where Anno Domini (“AD”) dates began.