Jeff Wynn earned a BA in physics and MS in solid-state physics from Cal-Berkeley and the University of Illinois. He earned a PhD in Geoscience (Electrical Engineering thesis director) from the University of Arizona, then worked in private industry for several years. He recently retired as a GS-15 Research Geophysicist with the US Geological Survey, where he published over 300 books, geotechnical maps, and peer-reviewed scientific articles. He participated in the IM1 cruise in the SW Pacific with the Galileo Project in the search for Interstellar objects. Jeff also earned 3 patents on ocean geophysics (a 4th is pending). During his time in the USGS he served in a number of science leadership positions, including as Chief of the Office of Geochemistry and Geophysics, and for three years served as the USGS Mission Chief (“Jefe del Grupo Asesor”) to Venezuela. In Venezuela Jeff lived with his family on the northern flank of the Amazonas jungle as a US State Department science diplomat (Head of Mission, grade FS-12). He also filled a similar role in Saudi Arabia, and thus speaks French, Spanish, and Arabic.  Jeff served five years as USGS Chief Scientist for Volcano Hazards, including managing the most recent eruption of Mount St Helens.  He has taught undergraduate and graduate classes as an adjunct full professor of geology at the University of Maryland and The George Washington University.

Jeff manages a number of websites (see also “Books” page) , and is an associate editor for the journal “Exploration Geophysics” (Australia). He is a 6th Dan (& Shihan) in Taiho-Jutsu, and an 8th Dan (Hachidan) in Jujitsu (Granted with a Distinguished Service Award by the American Jujitsu Association Board of Directors in 2023). Jeff is a  Jujitsu Sensei teaching at Firstenburg Community Center and several Washington universities. He served as the vice president of the American Jujitsu Association (2014 – 2022).

             Jeff earned a PADI Advanced Open-Water SCUBA license, a Certificate of Completion for Advanced Trauma Life Support at the University of Maryland Medical School, and holds

an FCC General-Class amateur radio license.

In 1998, the IAU named Asteroid 9564 Jeffwynn  (a Phocaea Group Mars-crosser) after him.



Jeff Wynn and the Cookie Monster
Jeff Wynn standing before  the “Cookie Monster,” a skylight broken into a hornito, directly over an active lava tube, south of Pu’u O’o, Big Island, Hawaii
Jeff served as Chief Scientist for Volcano Hazards, US Geological Survey, 2002-2007
Jungle Camp, Piston de Uroy, Venezuela
Jungle Camp, Piston de Uroy, Venezuela. This is how we lived for weeks at a time – hammaca, mosquitero to cover it, rubber boots, drying clothes, 125-watt HF transceiver (right side, on  the “pole shelf”).


Jeff Wynn with Pet Scorpion
Yes, you CAN make a pet of a scorpion if you raise it from a baby and feed it by hand. Photo taken in northern Sonora, Mexico.
Jeff served intermittently as a scientist-diplomat in Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and Mexico 1987-2002
Strawberry Soda Tree
Strawberry Soda Tree. There are estimated to be over 2,500 different species of trees in the Venezuelan Amazonas. This one is over 50 meters tall. 

Scientific Work


Jeff has published over 300 scientific books, maps, and papers in such diverse fields as archaeology, astrophysics, geology, geophysics, hydrology, mineral resource assessments, oceanography, and volcanology. Details here:





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patents, science editing, medical training, web


Jeff has earned three patents in ocean geophysics:

US Patents “Wynn 6,236,211 B1″, “Wynn 6,236,212 B1“, “Wynn 8,463,568 B1


Jeff is an associate editor of the journal “Exploration Geophysics” (Australia):


Medical Training: Jeff took and passed the University of Maryland Medical School Advanced Trauma Life Support course (the other 36 students were all M.D.s) . He has also served as a CPR/AED instructor/coordinator for the US Geological Survey (1995 – 2005).


Jeff manages a number of websites:            See Book Page, “Magic Kingdom…      Representing his Jujitsu School   See Book Page, “Everyone is a Believer...”   373-page book in technical review…   The family website, portal to Wynn Family books and plays


Jujitsu and Taiho-Jutsu Sensei


Jeff is the Sensei of the Vancouver Institute of Self Defense in Vancouver, WA ( He earned a 6th degree black belt in Taiho-Jutsu, and an 8th degree black belt in Japanese Jujitsu. 

Jeff served as the vice president of the American Jujitsu Association (2014-2022) (, and currently teaches quarterly and semester classes in women’s self defense at Clark College and Washington State University in southwestern Washington State.